The SPVM in search of other potential children victims

The SPVM in search of other potential children victims

Cyberpredator arrested

Antoine Absi, arrested on October 20 on eight counts against minors, could have had other victims, according to the Service police of the City of Montreal (SPVM). The cyberpredator would have even tried to meet his victims. The SPVM is looking for potential victims of Antoine Absi, arrested on October 20, two days after the arrest warrant.

The 21-year-old faces eight counts, including “luring, producing pornography and inciting sexual contact with young boys aged 12 to 16,” the SPVM wrote in a statement. communicated.

The cyberpredator had already been apprehended last July for possession of child pornography.

He allegedly used mobile applications and social networks to contact his victims, under the pseudonyms “A_A2022868” and “Allya_xox”. He would have first approached them by “pretending to be a young girl”, wrote the Montreal Police. The young adult would then have insisted with his targets that they send him “explicit” photos and videos.

Antoine Absi even asked the young boys to “commit sexual acts”. He would even have moved to meet his potential victims. Investigators from the Sexual Exploitation Unit have reason to believe that the Montrealer could have had other victims in Quebec. The authorities are asking anyone who has been a victim or witness to the cyberpredator’s criminal acts to come forward to the police.

The SPVM points out that it is possible to share information anonymously and confidentially via Info-Crime Montreal.