The SPVM makes public the reports of sociologist Frédéric Boisrond

The SPVM makes public the reports of sociologist Frédéric Boisrond

More than two years ago, the Metropolitan Montreal Police Department (SPVM) began a culture change process in which it committed to implement winning practices to ensure inclusive and equitable service that meets citizens’ expectations and the trust they place in it. This culture change is of particular importance to the polulation of Park=Extension due to its diverse cultural and financial background.

Appointed in 2019 as an independent strategic adviser, sociologist Frédéric Boisrond supported the organization in its desire to provide constructive criticism favorable to the questioning of some of its practices. The SPVM thus opened its doors to him in complete transparency. The fruit of his findings and his reflection stem from several meetings he held with the personnel of the organization, observations made in the field and the review of reports and internal documents.

The SPVM is thus making public the first progress report filed by Mr. Boisrond as well as his second report produced at the end of his mandate. “The SPVM is showing great attentiveness and humility in this shift. In this sense, it is with a great deal of openness that he intends to pursue the implementation of actions that advance and develop the organization.” Says the Montreal PD’s press release.

Here are a few examples of the SPVM’s equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives and achievements over the past two years:

Creation of the Partnerships and Diversity Division, in January 2022, which includes, among others, an EDI-attraction of diversity in employment module and an EDI-employee well-being module.

Launch of a “Become an agent of change” digital recruitment campaign, in May 2021, to encourage the attraction of a diverse workforce among young people aged 18-25.

More than 50 attraction activities that have been carried out since January 2022, including more than ten during Black History Month 2022.

Participation of the majority of police personnel in an information session on the Policy on police arrests.

Deployment of a team of police arrest coaches.

Longevity of the position of Aboriginal liaison officer (police officer) by creating a specific position and staffing a civilian advisor in community development and liaison with Aboriginal peoples.

Internal celebration of National Aboriginal Day.

Organization of activities by the LGBTQ2+ employee committee.

Since March 2021, during exit interviews, integration of a section on discrimination.

Participation of the SPVM in the EDI group (equity, diversity, inclusion) of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (ACCP) in order to exchange and implement best practices as well as in the Ville de Montréal network in terms of of EDI.

Screening of 911 calls before they are dispatched to the police so that they are free of racist or discriminatory connotations.