Two new college study programs

Two new college study programs

The Minister of Higher Education, Ms. Danielle McCann, on the 21st of March, unveiled the new college program in Natural Sciences. Of particular interest to the students in Park-Extension wishing to pursue their studies in these fields, these updates represent a marked improvement for thousands of young adults aspiring to university studies leading to jobs in areas that Quebec greatly needs.

Natural sciences

The revision of this program, created in 1998, was fully justified to align it with the expectations of university programs. The main changes to the Natural Sciences include the addition of several skills: probability and statistics, computer science focused on programming and biology, as well as the updating of existing skills in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics as well as integrative and generic skills. It should be noted that this program opens the door to the pursuit of university studies in pure sciences, applied sciences, health and life sciences or education sciences.

Science, computer science and mathematics

Offered since 2008, this program directs students towards university studies in the fields of computer science and mathematics as well as in several engineering and pure and applied science programs. It will retain the same structure and will incorporate skills from the new Natural Sciences, including the new skill in probability and statistics. Computing, discrete mathematics and integration skills have also been updated.

It should be noted that Opération main-d’oeuvre, launched by the government last November and aimed at tackling the labor shortage, targets the information technology and engineering sectors in particular.

“Our higher education network has a central role to play in combating the labor shortage that we are experiencing in several sectors. I am convinced that the new Natural and Sciences, Computer Science and Mathematics that we are announcing today constitute an important step towards greater attractiveness and greater graduation in targeted sectors that are essential to the Quebec economy. The success of our young people is at the heart of our concerns and the review of college science programs is part of our overall vision for their future. » said Danielle McCann, Minister of Higher Education