Mobile App Now Available To Alert Canadians Of COVID-19 Exposure

CANADA – If the Covid-19 pandemic didn’t already remind one and all of some Hollywood film where absolutely anything was possible, the news of an app that can actually alert you when you’ve been exposed to the virus is nothing short of incredible.

It was announced by Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and Doug Ford (premiere of Ontario) that the free to install mobile app will be available to Canadians when the app is fully functioning in their respective provinces.

How it works

It’s quite simple, as shocking as that is for something that seems so out of this world, but once an individual is said to have tested positive for Covid-19, they are given a key, a one-time key from their “health authority” which they are to enter into the app. This key, once entered in the COVID Alert app, will notify anyone who has been in close proximity with that key holder, thus preventing the spread of Covid-19.

Now all that remains to be seen is if the public will comply when alerted.

Apparently, The Privacy Commissioners of Canada promises that measures have been taken to protect everyone’s privacy. COVID Alert is a partnership between the Canadian Digital Service, Health Canada, the Province of Ontario, and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. For more information on COVID Alert, Canadians can call 1-833-784-4397.